Rejuvenate the desert by guiding the roots to the other side of the earth. Make your way down earth's layers, absorb water to grow faster, avoid obstacles, improve your time, and enjoy the beautiful watercolor art. 

Control the root with the arrow keys or the joystick.

Designed during the 2023 Global Game Jam with mobile in mind, but only built for the Web. 

GitHub Repository: Out-For-Sprout on GitHub

Programming: Felix "Lonke" Berge, Christian "Jawsarn" Markowicz, Sofie "Vanilj" Bresäter

Art: Sofia Almqvist

UX / UI: Léa Dalla Zanna

Music & Audio design: David "Unofficial" Segal

Game design / Project management / ProgrammingJakob "Copious" Ferenius

Note: the music might not play on start due to browser autoplay settings, but will start on your second playthrough.


SproutingOut.apk 45 MB

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