It's GameJam time! You've bunkered up for an hardcore nonstop 48 hour maraton! Keep your mind healthy by staying on a 'healthy' diet! I.e don't starve or thirst to death!

Download the exe version for better performance :3. Use other resolutions then 1920x1080 at own risk! ;D

How to play:
Survive for the whole 48 hour jam (not irl time).
Click at the different energy items at the table to eat/drink and reduce hunger, dehydration and increase energy. 
Keep your hunger, dehydration and energy at green levels to score more game dev points!

Created by
Jawsarn (Christian Markowicz)
Vanilj (Sofie Bresäter)

Main Menu
Nebula -Techno house loop.110Bpm.
By Frankum & Frankumjay.
Frankumjay sounds.

Trought the beat - Techno house track loop 125bpm
By Frankum & Frankumjay.
Frankumjay sounds.


Download 28 MB

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